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- Stoudemire lose self-mutilation vent
- Heat Adams handsome appease fringe players

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 Stoudemire lose self-mutilation vent Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Fang) air jordan 3 retro powder blue NBA first-round playoff matchup yesterday entered the second field. The Knicks lost their first 33 points still defeat in yesterday, more than 104 lost 94 Miami. Miami's Big Three scored 65 points total audience. The Knicks lost the two games, so come back soon Amare Stoudemire very depressed, after the game is boxing hydrants, resulting in sluggish performance the first game left injured Anthony finally rebounded yesterday, scored 30 points, nine rebounds. However, the Knicks bench with a relatively large gap between the main players in Anthony and other main end break, the Knicks scoring ability is very limited. Face full-blown Miami, also appears to result Knicks lose very helpless on the court is really not too surprising, but the bloodshed after the end of the game was a bit surprised. air jordan 11 retro Stoudemire losing so very depressed, he was not interviewed courtside reporter, and in the tunnel on the left fist hit the wall hydrant, hand was a glass of blood services tied Miami's locker room caddy describe the scene, said:. I was shocked, he left all the blood I just heard someone say, quickly called the medical staff, I can do is give him a doctor to give Amare handed a towel to stop bleeding, dressing, dressing room was quiet, the other players to take a bath, a man sitting in a more forward Amare wardrobe, never said a word.

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 Heat Adams handsome appease fringe players Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Beijing time on April 17, as the NBA's coach, sometimes technical and tactical ability or Second, and more importantly, how to control the locker room, how to adjust the annual income of one million U.S. dollars, millions of dollars in players who mentality. Heat coach Spoelstra apparently expert in this area before the end of the regular season, he can not play for some players to appease, and to publicly support those states downturn troubled player to be able to make the Miami Heat air jordan 13 ελλαδα concerted efforts toward three consecutive Albert impact Miami reserve guard Norris Cole recent slump, the last four games have been a total of only 10 points, but Spoelstra said do not worry about them, I do not worry about him, a lot of the time when his team occupied the shots, depending on how his data field with five people. Spoelstra believe Norris Cole will promptly recall feeling in the playoffs, just like Shane Battier and Udonis Haslem as possible mediocre regular season, but the playoffs often have outstanding performance, in season After the race his playing time will increase or decrease, but he was air jordan 6 retro black infrared able to find a way, like Udonis Haslem and Shane Battier as a huge impact in some games in the playoffs. Some things are not the church, when the stadium lights hit him, and he was excited to be able to be seen together at a critical moment. Spoelstra praised Cole continued, he has repeatedly demonstrated the ability in this area, especially in In his few moments of playing time or trouble when, in this league is really difficult to have such a performance, his bones have shares tenacity. Shane and Beasley in the final stages of the regular season are not skating in the team's lineup, Spoelstra want to be able to keep the two states, hope they can become the Raiders in the playoffs. Adams talked about Beasley's use of handsome, I told him, your number will be summoned at some point, you need to always be ready to help the team. For Shane Battier, Spoelstra obviously very clearly what can bring the defensive anchor in the playoffs, he was very aware of his playing time depends on who we will face, he is likely in obtained game 35 minutes of playing time.

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